80+km route; 1 full day or extend over 2 days.

Tour the Huron shoreline beginning at Johnston’s Harbour in St Edmunds Township and descending to Albemarle Township’s Red Bay before turning inland for home. Visit the 19th century logging and fishing villages of Stokes Bay and Pike Bay, take a walk through the Petrel Point fen, enjoy a picnic and swim at Sandy Beach and tour the old cottage community at Howdenvale.


  • Discover Johnston’s Harbour, an historic Huron shoreline village at the end of a heavily treed road rife with local wildlife
  • Explore the history of Stokes Bay and surrounding region on a scenic cottage country drive
  • Visit a little-known provincial park and enjoy a natural, non-commercial beach favoured by locals
  • Find convenient places to put in your canoe or kayak and gain a deeper appreciation of the sights and sounds of the water with historical stories to guide you
  • Enjoy nature walks in the domain of rose pogonia, cardinal flower, lady’s slipper and downy rattlesnake plantain
  • Revel in the history of once-raucous pioneer town Howdenvale
  • Go birding and seek out rare plants in a Federation of Ontario Naturalists’ fen
  • Hike a densely wooded bog on the lookout for showy and yellow lady’s slippers, leatherleaf, labrador tea, sphaghnums and lichens

What to Pack

  • Comfortable walking or hiking boots
  • Swimsuit and towel (optional)
  • Camera with extra batteries and memory cards
  • Car charger for cell phones
  • Picnic lunch or spending money
  • Your sense of adventure

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